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You have experienced mainstream medicine's treatment for the devastation of autism.


You are familiar with the many biomedical treatments available.


You are still terrified about your prospects.

If you have traversed the world of mainstream therapeutics for autism and developmental delay, you have probably tried behavioral therapies and psychiatric medication. What the mainstream offers is limited. Educational, behavioral, and pharmaceutical intervention for these disorders can help. But they help best when they are combined with biomedical approaches. 


The most fundamental and beneficial biomedical interventions are dietary modification and nutritional supplementation. Diet is the foundation for good health no matter what condition you are dealing with. And you must use the right nutritional approach to resolve any illness, not just autism and developmental disorder. 

Besides diet, specific nutritional supplementation, vitamins and minerals targeted for their particular needs, are important. How supplementation helps and exactly what supplements your family member needs is as individual as their genetics, especially their genetics involving the MTHFR mutation. 

The decoding of the human genetic sequence was finalized in 2000 and was an  extraordinary gift to medical therapeutics. Your genes encode for the enzymes that move your biochemical pathways along. If your gene is mutated, the enzyme for which it encodes will function differently from normal. A mutated MTHFR gene slows down the MTHFR enzyme for which it encodes, and the MTHFR enzyme is critical to methyl group formation.

The preponderance of individuals with autism or developmental delay have an MTHFR mutation or other significant roadblocks to methyl group production. Problems with methyl group production predispose you to numerous disorders because they are part of global bodily regulatory systems. Methyl groups are central to neurotransmitter production and deactivation. They are necessary for the proper function of your nerve cell membranes. They regulate the activity of your genes, silencing those which should not be expressing. 


The diagram below shows the many disorders that can be avoided with the proper function of methyl groups:




You can learn more about methyl groups and methylation, including their function in autism and developmental delay, from my e book The Methyl Group: What It Can Do for You. It is pivotal information, a critical new approach for anyone who is trying to resolve the symptoms of chronic illness. 

Without this information, you have only half the picture of what is causing your  symptoms or how to restore yourself to optimal body function. Without this information, you are missing the newest and best insight on clinical innovation that the 21st century has to offer. 

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