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Is someone you love becoming someone you barely know?


Are you feeling less like yourself, having mood swings or feeling downright depressed?


Have you been told that you have a psychiatric problem and that medication is the only solution?

There is another way to deal with 'psychiatric' illness. That’s what I do. I am an MD, a Psychiatrist qualified in the treatment of mental illness without drugs. You can heal anxiety and depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and more with the right diet, supplements and sometimes minimal medication.


Here’s just one story:

Rene (not her real name) was a kind, generous and well-liked teenager. She volunteered for local charities during high school. She had a great sense of humor and a strong sense of responsibility. You could count on her for help when you needed it. Her parents were very proud of her.

According to her teachers she excelled at everything she attempted. They steered her toward the most exclusive, prestigious colleges. She was at the top of her class with good SAT scores.

But, not long after Rene left for college, out of the blue, a call came to her parents. Rene was in the psych ward at the university hospital with what they were calling a manic psychosis. How did Rene go from being a promising young college student to being in a psych ward? The doctors said that she had a chemical imbalance in her brain and that she needed meds. 


This was a nightmare, a wide-awake, terrifying nightmare. Things were looking bleak. Rene improved with treatment but was not anywhere close to being herself. She was having side effects from the meds and was being tried on different meds at higher doses. She was barely functional. Rene's parents would never accept the future that was being handed to them for their daughter. They were determined to get Rene back. They started to search online for information. 

They learned about the MTHFR mutation 

When Rene's parents were searching online, they found many causes for symptoms that are ordinarily regarded as psychiatric. They found out about right eating and they took certain foods out of Rene's diet, sugar and non-nutritious foods among them. They found other foods that were good foods, but they were not good for Rene. And they discovered that correct gastrointestinal balance was critical to her feeling well psychologically. In addition, they corrected Rene's thyroid issues, checked her for adrenal fatigue, and treated her for toxic metal retention.


Rene was improving. All of these things had made a contribution, but she was not quite well and strong yet. At times she had strange moods and thoughts. Her reactions to supplements and pharmaceuticals were not what you would normally expect.  Mold and electro magnetic frequencies were an over the top stressor for her. And she still had chemical sensitivity.


Then her parents found out about the MTHFR gene mutation. They heard about all of the body systems that MTHFR could impact. They got genetic testing on Rene and started to supplement to bypass the mutations they found in her methyl group producing pathway. It was a breakthrough! An important barrier  to Rene's well-being had been breached and she began feeling really good again.



The free methylation e-book

If you have tried all of the traditional functional medicine solutions for psychiatric problems and do not feel as well as you would like, then you have reached the right doctor. You need to do the functional medicine solutions, but you may also need to test your MTHFR gene and the genes in the pathway that produces methyl groups to finally resolve your symptoms. 


My free e book on methylation points out all of the important body functions that methyl groups regulate and why they are so important to your mental health. Just download it below.


There is no reason to delay. Download the book today.


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The Methyl Group: What It Can Do for You, Plus 3 Mistakes Not to Make with MTHFR+

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