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Address: 1122 W Burbank Blvd. Burbank, CA 91506

Your path out of confusion and worry starts here...

Dr. Mullan is the number one MTHFR doctor in the US.


She treats people who are struggling with MTHFR genetic issues, psychiatric disorders or other chronic illness, who are open to working with genetics and nutritional supplementation, and who are willing to make lifestyle changes to recover. 


In-office, phone, or Skype consultations available. 

Dr. Mullan offers a 30 minute Exploratory Conversation to help with your questions and issues. These conversations are meant to provide focus and direction for you. They also give you some experience with Dr. Mullan if you were thinking of becoming her patient. The fee for this work is $129. These conversations are available at very short notice for acute problems. 


Dr. Mullan's first office visit is usually a minimum of 75 minutes long and the fee is $397. Follow-up appointments occur at varying intervals, when you have test results back or issues to discuss that will take some time. The fees range from $159 to $347 depending upon the amount of time it takes. Dr. Mullan is a fee for service provider. You pay her at the time of your appointment, and we give you a superbill to file for your insurance reimbursement. 

If you are holding an appointment with Dr. Mullan and you would like to cancel, you should do that as early as possible. You need to give us two business days to fill your cancelled time or you may be charged for a late cancellation.

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