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Thyroid Health

Sara thought her problem was thyroid. She was tired all the time, gaining weight without eating very much, and her hair was falling out.





She was just getting into menopause. She heard that your thyroid can slow down then. Plus, her girlfriend had these symptoms and found out she was low thyroid.

She went to her doctor. He asked her a number of questions, examined her, ordered some blood tests, and sent her home. A week later his office called to tell her that her blood tests had all come back normal, she was fine.

But she did not feel fine. That’s why she went there in the first place. So she decided to tighten her diet up. She had been craving sugar and giving in to it…. Maybe that was why she felt dragged out all the time. Eating sugar makes you feel tired.

The weeks went on and she exercised her head off. Her clothes got tighter and nothing got better in spite of her self-improvement campaign.

She spent hours on the Internet. She read that women over thirty-five often had burnt out adrenals from stress, and that stress, low adrenals and low thyroid went together. And she found out that this triad often got worse around menopause.

She went back to her doctor. He said that he had run the TSH test and it had come back normal. He told her that if anything were wrong with her adrenals she would really be sick. He had never heard of the adrenal-thyroid connection.

He said she was starting menopause, and she should expect symptoms. Moreover, he told her she was getting older and changes would take place in her body as she aged, that she should expect to have less energy and gain weight.

THAT WAS IT!  She was only 43. What’s with this aging talk? She certainly could expect decline if she kept taking this advice. She left his office without the prescription for anti-depressants he had written.

She was determined to find a solution. She had read that conventional medicine was costing a massive 2.5 trillion dollars a year while the health of Americans was getting worse. She wasn’t surprised.

If this sounds like you, you have reached the right doctor.


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