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Anti-Viral Treatments That Are OK for MTHFR + Supplement Sensitive People

You know who you are. You have an MTHFR mutation, but you cannot tolerate supplementation. Even very low doses of supplements that are supposed to be a solution either do not work at all for you, or actually make things worse. The reason for this is highly individual and has to do with your MTHFR mutation, the genetics around your MTHFR mutation, and your resulting biochemistry.

There are no blanket recommendations I can make, but I can point to one common issue. Sometimes the reason for a sensitivity problem is low lithium. Lithium is very central to the process of making methyl groups. It enhances the uptake of B12 and folate into your cell. Inside your cell is where these B vitamins do their work. If you ramp up your intake of these vitamins and your lithium is low, you may start spinning your biochemical wheels. You won't get anywhere and you are likely to cause yourself symptoms. And if you discover that your lithium is low and you start to supplement it, you may need to start with MINUSCULE doses not to cause yourself symptoms.

You can check lithium levels in hair, urine and serum. You can use both hair and urine and compare them to one another. Hair levels give you a three month average of the lithium in your body. Urine gives you the level that your body is willing to let go of on the day you took the sample for the test. With these two tests, you won't get fooled into thinking that your lithium is midrange or high because your body is dumping it. Dumping minerals does happen with certain genetic profiles. But if your body is dumping lithium or any other essential mineral, it may test high in your hair but low in your urine. There are other discrepancies in test interpretation that you can pick up if you have both of these tests.

On a related but different note, treatment with oxygen is a relatively simple, effective solution for viral infection, and since it is oxygen, your body is familiar with it and you are not adding any supplements that may unbalance some other pathway. The coronavirus is a lipid-coated virus. Oxygen disrupts the lipid coat, and viruses cannot repair that damage. Thus, oxygen effectively destroys the virus and may save you from getting serious acute illness. 

Below is a link to a Joseph Mercola interview about ozone. Ozone is a super oxygenated molecule of oxygen. Oxygen is usually O2, it has two atoms of oxygen in it. Ozone is O3, it has three atoms of oxygen and it releases one when it gets into your body.

A different way to deliver oxygen to your body is with chlorine dioxide. It is pictured below:

Chlorine Dioxide Molecule

Some of you may be familiar with Andreas Kalcker's protocols. He has been treating chronic illness for a long time. Many places online describe his use of chlorine dioxide for prevention and treatment of viral illness. When this molecule gets into your body, it releases chlorine and oxygen, both of which are very familiar to your body. This seems to be a more gentle way of getting oxygen into your body than ozone, but it takes a lot of doing. You may be dosing it all day. That can be perfect if you are chronically ill and your body needs protracted but gentle treatment. See his protocols in the link below. When you click on this link, scroll down to see the information. Censorship of alternative treatments is real and has intensified because of the viral issue we have going right now. Viruses lose potency over time and the current viral outbreak was never as bad as it was projected to be in the first place. Unless you are in a hot spot or have predisposing conditions, you no longer have much to worry about from this organism. You have more to worry about from politicians who are testing how we do with loss of freedom secondary to their interest in gaining absolute control of our behavior. Buy it from this lab: If you are significantly symptomatic, do not go home, drink fluids and take tylenol, a recommendation you may get. JUMP ON IT as early as you realize you are sick. A person with an MTHFR mutation is not going to fight infection as well as someone without one so you are actually high risk. You need to do more to deal with this. If you want IV Vitamin C and/or IV ozone, contact a local, well-recommended naturopath who uses these treatment modalities. In Burbank, California, where I am located, Joel Noland, ND offers these options. His office number is (818) 736-9889. If you have any questions about your health and how you are doing in these extraordinary times, you can get an Exploratory Conversation with me. It is a 30-minute conversation in which I will listen to your health issues, review your recent test results, and make recommendations about what  you should do. It will clear up any confusion you have about which direction is up, which supplements may help, and/or what else you should do at this point. The fee for this service is $129. It is easy to set a time for one soon, and it can save you getting really sick with this virus, lurching around in the dark with a clinician who doesn’t know that much about MTHFR + and how it relates to viral illness. Whether you have one or several MTHFR mutations, you may be dealing with conditions in your body that are confusing and difficult to understand. You can cut through all of that and get clarifying input that gives you hope and moves you away from vulnerability to this current viral health crisis. I look forward to being able to help you, Dr. Mullan

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