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The Status of the Current Infection for MTHFR + People

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Can any more possibly be said about the current infectious issue? 

Yes, no doubt, a lot more...

But the following is a summary of some current issues:

The number of cases is said to be skyrocketing. Texas has rollbacked its reopening and recently the president has requested that everyone wear a face covering (mask) when in public if they are not able to socially distance. The areas most at risk are the areas of the states that are near countries south of the US border: California, New Mexico, Arizona and Florida.

While the number of cases is increasing, more widespread testing is certainly one of the factors causing this. Beyond that, the increase is among age groups which are not typically lethally threatened by this infection. According to the CDC's own data, the number of deaths from this infection is actually decreasing. The average length of hospital stay is coming down. New treatments are being developed. The mortality rate from this disease, which is calculated by dividing the number of deaths by the number of confirmed cases, is decreasing. This is all very good news.

Then, there is the question of why the number of confirmed cases is so crazy high. The CDC has recently admitted that false positives have been mistakenly included in the data: http:// https://www.newstarget.com/2020-07-20-cdc-admits-false-positives-included-in-coronavirus-data.html. Positive antibody tests, an indication that you have been infected but are now immune, have been lumped in with tests which diagnose the virus, grossly inflating the new case rate. Beyond that, a positive antibody test may only mean that you had a cold at some point in time. Colds are caused by the same class of virus as this current illness. Data collection has been in so much chaos that it has been moved from the CDC to the Department of Health Services (DHS) itself.

Reliable sources claim that the case count is exaggerated. When an individual tests positive for the illness, a number of sequential tests are done until that person tests negative. Each time that same individual is tested and the results are positive, it is recorded as an additional case. So the same person is counted as a new case multiple times. Additionally, people who were never tested have gotten reports that their test result was positive. In Florida, 100 percent of positive cases may actually be negative because of faulty testing and/or handling procedures at the lab. 

If someone dies in a way that is totally unrelated to this current illness, their body is tested for virus. If the test result is positive, the person is recorded as having died from the virus, as opposed to having died with the virus. Some of the most widely cited examples of this are a person who died in a motorcycle accident, another who died after a shark attack, and a third who died from a gunshot wound to the head. These cases were all counted as deaths from the virus. People die everyday in the ordinary course of events. There are deaths from heart attacks or cancer or many other causes. These deaths have been mysteriously low during the past several months. They have come in well below their customary numbers. If these people died with the virus in their body, theyare being counted as having died from the virus.

The average person on the street is not as stupid as all that. Thinking people start using common sense determinations about how much disease is around. They learn that their local hospitals are not overwhelmed with infected inpatients from their friends who work at the hospital. They ask themselves if they know anyone with the disease, or if they know anyone who has died from the disease. If among their relatives, friends and acquaintances, they do not know anyone with the disease, let alone anyone who has died from the disease, they may conclude that the data they are being given is skewed. Meanwhile, the mainstream media continues to hammer home fear about the virus and describes spikes all around the country. A thinking person gets the impression that they are being manipulated, that something is up indeed.

The important thing is that you stay well. If you are MTHFR C677T +, you are somewhat immune compromised. Depending upon the mutations surrounding MTHFR in your methyl group producing pathway, you will have a more or less well functioning immune system. You can find a number of ways to keep yourself healthy or to keep the virus in your system down on recent blogs at NancyMullanMD.com. If you do get the infection, the best protocol, one that was developed by well recognized critical care physicians that has a 98% cure rate, can be found at this link:  https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2020/05/29/dr-paul-marik-critical-care.aspx?cid_source=dnl&cid_medium=email&cid_content=art1ReadMore&cid=20200529Z1&et_cid=DM547464&et_rid=882415582

There is an interesting video from America's Frontline Doctors at a press conference that also talks about cures for this virus. It has been censored from Facebook, Google, Twitter and mainstream news sites, etc, but it is available here:


Consider bringing a copy of the above information with you to the hospital and tell your doctor this is what you want. Optimally, you will be working with your own doctor, a person whom you know and trust and have screened for open mindedness beforehand. If you would like to speak with me about any MTHFR issues, or have any questions about your health or how you are doing in these extraordinary times, you can get an Exploratory Conversation with me. It is a 30-minute conversation in which I will listen to your health issues, review your recent test results, and make recommendations about what  you should do. It will clear up any confusion you have about which direction is up, which supplements may help, and/or what else you should do at this point. The fee for this service is $129. It is easy to set a time for one soon, and it can save you from getting really sick with this organism, lurching around in the dark with a clinician who doesn’t know that much about MTHFR + and how it relates to infectious illness. I can give you experienced, thoughtful input that can clarify what to do in what may be a terrifying situation for you. You may be dealing with conditions in your body that are confusing and difficult to understand. You do not have to deal uninformed with an emergency department physician whom whom you do not know. You can cut through all that and get clarifying input that gives you hope and moves you away from vulnerability to strength. You can go into the situation with an effective plan. Obviously in this health atmosphere, your best defense is to stay well, but if you become ill, there are effective, documented treatment protocols that can get you through the illness. Do not delay in contacting effective medical advice. I look forward to being able to help you.  Dr. Mullan

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