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Dealing with the Ongoing Infection and MTHFR +

The current worldwide health and economic situation may not have started as a political issue, but it didn't take long for it to become one. It may have become a tool for depopulation. How else can you understand the nursing home debacle or the fact that mainstream treatment recommendations have only a 50% survival rate? The narrative given to the public continues to be that there is nothing you can do to support your immune system, that you must maintain social distance, and that the only true cure for this infection is a vaccine.

So much for social distance during riots and protesting. This theory has entered a significant test. When you add these assertions to the plans being rolled out for citizen surveillance through test, track and trace, the erosion of our rights through emergency legislation, the destruction of our economies and the forced reliance of so many on the state for survival handouts, you realize how much you might lose.

Meanwhile, a group of physicians that includes several of the most highly published and well-known critical care experts in both the US and the world, has developed a protocol that recovered 98 out of 100 severely ill patients. These doctors, trained to diagnose and treat illness, are experts in the field of critical care medicine with decades of experience and hundreds of publications. They have devised an effective treatment for the current infection. Their protocol uses readily available, older, inexpensive medications. Other doctors have also reported effective protocols for treatment. You are not stuck cowering in your home, maintaining six foot lengths between yourself and anyone else, and waiting for a magic shot that may never come. More about the difficulties involved with producing a safe shot next week.

Why haven't you heard about what these doctors are doing? Why are you not encouraged to do the things that support your immune system? Mainstream communication platforms are being edited by individuals who do what they are told. They are instructed to give you one point of view. They lack any expertise in science or medicine that would qualify them to do otherwise.

The current infection kills by triggering intense inflammatory reactions that destroy your organs, induce blood clotting disorders, and reduce the amount of oxygen that your lungs are able to absorb. The protocol worked out by these experts uses two intravenous agents. The first is a very potent anti-inflammatory corticosteroid called methylprednisolone. The use of methylprednisolone was determined by a very sophisticated gene mapping technique to be the corticosteroid most effective against the current infectious agent. Other corticosteroids do not work very well.

High dose intravenous Vitamin C is used along with methylprednisolone because given together they have a synergistic impact. Subcutaneous heparin is used for the clotting disorder. High flow oxygen is delivered through a nasal cannula. Ventilator use is minimized or avoided because of the damage it can do to your lungs. This treatment has a very high success rate, but it must be delivered aggressively as soon as you are admitted to the hospital, so if you have a respiratory or other syndrome, do to delay in contacting your doctor.

You can find very detailed information about how to do this protocol at the following link: If you are MTHFR C677T +, you are somewhat immune compromised. Depending upon the mutations surrounding MTHFR in your methyl group producing pathway, you will have a more or less well functioning immune system. Consider bringing a copy of the above information with you to the hospital and tell your doctor this is what you want. Optimally, you will be working with your own doctor, a person whom you know and trusted and have screened for open mindedness beforehand. Clearly, a good working relationship with an open minded physician is critical. If you do not have a regular doctor and you get to a hospital and find that you have been assigned a narrow minded person, tell them you want to change doctors to one who would be comfortable using this protocol. A decent fourth year medical student could do it. S/he would be very familiar with all of its elements and has used them before. It is not rocket science. It is a logical, rigorous treatment of the pathology that the current predominant infection produces. If you would like to speak with me about any MTHFR issues, or have any questions about your health or how you are doing in these extraordinary times, you can get an Exploratory Conversation with me. It is a 30-minute conversation in which I will listen to your health issues, review your recent test results, and make recommendations about what  you should do. It will clear up any confusion you have about which direction is up, which supplements may help, and/or what else you should do at this point. The fee for this service is $129. It is easy to set a time for one soon, and it can save you from getting really sick with this organism, lurching around in the dark with a clinician who doesn’t know that much about MTHFR + and how it relates to infectious illness. I can give you experienced, thoughtful input that can clarify what to do in what may be a terrifying situation for you. You may be dealing with conditions in your body that are confusing and difficult to understand. You do not have to deal uninformed with an emergency department physician whom whom you do not know. You can cut through all that and get clarifying input that gives you hope and moves you away from vulnerability to strength. You can go into the situation with an effective plan. Obviously in this health atmosphere, your best defense is to stay well, but if you become ill, there are effective, documented treatment protocols that can get you through the illness. Do not delay in contacting effective medical advice. I look forward to being able to help you.  Dr. Mullan

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